Installation Tips for Commercial LED High Bay Lights

Installation Tips for Commercial LED High Bay Lights


Efficient light sources change the way we see high-bay lighting in ware houses, industrial facilities, ,manufacturing lots, and other similar establishments. Lightening normally in the case of bigger areas consists of fixtures harnessing HID light source which usually are metal halide lamps.

These metal halide lamps consist of discharge tubes with an outer bulb. The discharge can be made of quartz or ceramic with a starting gas. Although metal halide lamps provide high luminous efficiency up to 80~90 Lm/W and high color index but they have relatively short life because of the material and process limitations. Another constrict of these halide bulbs is the difficulty to start them which requires a special trigger. You need to fully consider the circuit while installing these bulbs since as the brightness gradually increases after the start but if the initiating energy is too large, the startup speeds fast which affect the life of the bulb.

Metal halide lamps has proved to be suitable light source for high bay fixtures but cutting running costs, easy maintenance and saving energy are always high on the priorities list when installing light systems. LED replacement lamps for HID offer easy solution to all these problems. Many manufacturers are offering LED replacement option for high wattage metal halide lamps.

Installation Precautions:

  1. These lamps can only be installed by a professional.
  2. Check the components of the lamps before installing. Make sure no part is missing.
  3. Make sure that the power is down before installing.
  4. For better performance use the voltage provided on packaging.
  5. Do not retrofit lamps within warranty period.

Structure of LED High Bay Light:


LED bay lights normally consist of three body parts, hanging ring, hanging ring bolt and a lamp body with a connection of power input. Hanging ring bolt connects the lamp body to the hanging ring. The ring helps to hang the LED bay light onto the hook which is normally attached to the ceiling.

Tips for Installation:

  • You can take full advantage of LED lights by choosing the right location for installation. This can really improve the lightening of the place and also help in saving the quantity of life leading to reduced wastage. These professional lights can really enhance the ambience, making the whole space look much bigger, more comfortable and safer.
  • Before installation check the integrity of the LED light bay and make sure all the accessories are complete for standard installation. Installation should be done by a qualified person to avoid damage.
  • During the installation pay more attention towards the wires connection. Follow the instruction given on the manual and do the lightening part and driver connection first than move on towards other systems and finally connect the light to power system. LED lights are electronic products so if anything goes wrong with the power connection it can damage the whole lamp.

Installation method:


The first step in installation is to mount a hook in the ceiling that will help to hold the lamp. The hooks should be able to carry a weight three times of the lamp for successful installation. Next screw the hanging ring inside the top of the lamp and tighten it properly to make sure that ring won’t come off from the lamp body. Failing to screw the ring tightly can result in falling of the bay light from the ceiling which can causes severe physical damage.

Now hang the LED light on the hook in the ceiling and connect the input lines of the lamp separately with the live and neutral line of the main power supply. If the lamp has a dimming system than connect the dimmer to the dimming line signal of lamp and then connect the dimmer to the DC ports. Finally once the installation has been done properly make sure the all the wiring has been connected correctly.

Incase if the lamp doesn’t work, cut of the power and check if the wire is properly connected to the main power. Other reason for improper working can be faulty wiring inside the lamp or wrong voltage. If even after trying all these solution the problem persists than contact professionals or retailers for further help.