About Step Cell Solar Panels

Step cell solar panels

The generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power is something that has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. More people basically make use of renewable energy sources to power their homes and offices. The use of solar energy goes beyond small scale deployments for homes and commercial buildings. Power generation companies create solar power farms, which often generates enough electrical energy to power a city. Business owners and residential building owners are always looking for cost-effective way to provide electrical power for their property. Most people install solar panels with backup batteries, which stores the charge for when the sun goes down. This basically means that being able to find solar panels that can charge your batteries very quickly, will save you some time and money. The general idea behind the new step cell solar panel is to convert the energy from the sun, in a much better way.

History of step cell solar panels

There are several options available when it comes to using renewable sources of energy. It is however relevant that we consider things such as the performance and comparative value of energy sources. For many decades people have been using solar panels, which simply contains photovoltaic cells, which generates electrical energy from sunlight. When it comes to solar power generation, the keywords are cost and efficiency. This has been the driving force behind the creation of what we now know as the ‘step cells’ solar panels. The basic idea behind using step cell solar panels is to increase the speed at which the sun’s energy is harvested and converted to electrical energy. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researches who brought this innovation are positive that it is here to stay, which also means reduced cost and high efficiency.

Performance of step cell solar panels

In terms of the performance of step cell solar panels, it has to do with efficiency. The performance of solar panels deals with how fast and efficient the panels can convert sunlight into electrical energy. When we take a closer look at the step cell solar panels, we realize that they are simply designed with two layers, which also means that the cells are organized in a stepwise fashion. This kind of arrangement presents the top layer just slightly above the layer beneath it, which also exposes both layers to sunlight. Being able to generate clean energy from renewable sources.

Comparative value

When it comes to the comparative value of using step cell solar panels, we cannot ignore the cost of manufacturing the panels. When compared to traditional solar panels, we realize that there is a great difference in terms of cost. This basically means you get to save a lot of money when you opt for the step cell solar panels. The unique efficiency of the step cell solar panels has been achieved by exposing some of the silicon layer.